Whether you’re playing DJ for a wedding, graduation ceremony, stage show or an informal house party, you’re sure to please your crowd when your music is accompanied by a lively light show. In order to control these Stage Lights, Big Deeper provides you a wide range of  Light Controllers and Splittors as per your budget so that you can have a dazzling show and produce eye-catching Visual effects.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: BDC 142- Drawing Controller
WEIGHT: 15 Kgs. Approximately


– 2 DMX 512 outputting ports. 
– Pallete RGB & CMY color mixing.
– 140 editable shapes and 60 built in shapes.
– RS232 interface connects smart equipment for sync control.
– The light shows the effect according to the shape you have drawn.
– No need lighting library/file, manual patch and default patch address. 
– Auto-loop, player synchronization, manual trigger, music trigger.
– Using player make audio-video synchronized light-show, support more format of playback.


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